Adrien Sala is an award-winning writer and communications consultant with a talent for creating great content.

Writing and content are a key part of every project – and are often the first thing a client or customer sees. Adrien's background in communications and media have helped position him as an asset to almost any endeavour. Whether it's a short-term contract to illuminate a small business or an in-depth audit and restructuring for a large organization, his ability to find focus can help bring a project or company to the next level. Known for his capacity for quick learning and a fun, yet professional style, Adrien can help elevate your business while making sense of complicated subjects. 


ASW&M works as a writer in both the private and public sector, helping large organizations, boutique businesses, and individuals build compelling narratives that can be applied to marketing campaigns, business campaigns, web content or any number of uses. He also writes business plans, proposals, and scripts for video production. 



Adrien Sala is regularly published on a range of traditional and emerging media platforms. He is a freelance contributor and producer for CBC Radio One – regionally and nationally – and frequently contributes to magazines and newspapers across the country. He also owns a sound studio and produces podcasts, voice work and audio.


As a writer with a diverse background in digital and traditional media, Adrien is often contracted to build communication strategies, information architecture and content marketing for large organizations. His talent for finding clarity has positioned him as an asset to an array of businesses hoping to communicate clearly.