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I offer a full set of services for all your communication and writing needs.


Option 1 - Hourly – I have a base rate of $75/hr (plus tax) for writing projects, although it can go up depending on the requirements of the project. I do work fast, however. 

Option 2 - Flat Rate – This is my preferred method. I will look at the scope of work and provide a reasonable quote for the service. This tends to be the most economical for clients as it allows for me to really sink into a project while feeling confident you are happy with the cost. 

Option 3 - Contract – If you have a contract with a budget, I am happy to discuss it with you. I recognize the benefit of a secured and ongoing project and am able to adjust my rates accordingly. 

Things To Know – It never costs to call. I am happy to answer your questions and provide a scope of work on most projects free of charge. I do, however, have to pass on trades or "portfolio" work – and I will not do lengthy sample submissions unless it is for a project I am interested in bidding on.  

I maintain an office in Market Square in downtown Victoria and am available to meet there or anywhere it suits you. It should also be said that I am very comfortable working with remote clients in any time zone and will travel for the right contract. 





Content Writing and Development – Populate your website, promotional materials, book project or any other writing endeavour you have. 

Information Architecture – Get the most out of your content in the least amount of space. IA structures your content and website so it is effective and easy to navigate.

Project Management – I have run my own company for over a decade and led several projects, including complex government campaigns. 

Copy-Editing and Technical Writing – I am an experienced copy-editor and writer and am happy to review your content and tighten it up to make sense of complicated subjects.

Media Strategy – I can help you identify and build narratives around your business or project that can help you find placement in traditional media. 

Social Media Management – I have successfully built campaigns through social media and developed full scale strategies for social media on several platforms.

Consulting – I have worked on projects in several different industries, in several different capacities. My focus tends to be on food and lifestyle, business and tech. 




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